Bitti Kai Rand

BITTE KAI RAND is an international fashion brand with a rich history in Scandinavian design.

‘A Feeling to Wear’

BITTE KAI RAND was established in 1981 by Bitte Kai Rand and her husband Michael Rand. The head office is located in the old harbor area in the heart of Copenhagen.

With an innovative and curious approach to the western worlds fast pace, the brand is known for its own unique style based on the design concept; quality, functionality and comfort.

Renowned for knitting and graphic silhouettes, BITTE KAI RAND is open to the always changing world and displays a bold curiosity towards using new and inspiring cuts, contrasting material mix and handmade prints as well as new edgy updates on the simple, timeless designs.
A pure and lavish play with different materials creates richness, leaving an unpretentious and cool expression.

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