Sandwich is a Dutch clothing brand that has been designing collections since 1981, with a recognisable signature style. Clothes with extra details that can be worn every day, yet feel special. Whether you’re looking for a dress, a pair of comfortable trousers, a lovely top, a cotton blouse, new jeans, a warm jacket, a soft cardigan or a trendy sweater, you’ll find it all in our online store or in one of our brick-and-mortar stores. From summer holiday clothes such as tank tops and skirts, to winter clothes such as thick scarves and hats, we always have the right items at the right times. By registering for the Sandwich newsletter, you’ll stay informed of the latest items and special offers. Never miss a trend again. For each new item that Sandwich designs, our philosophy is that every piece should be easy to combine with the rest of the collection. The colours are perfectly matched to each other, and the prints too. This not only goes for the current collection and designs, but also for previous seasons. Sandwich uses quality materials that not only look good, but feel lovely to wear: cotton, linen, wool blends and the popular travel jersey. This fabric is both beautiful and practical. It always keeps its shape, never creases and feels great to wear. Tunics, dresses, cardigans and tops are available in all kinds of fabrics and many different designs. For each new garment, we like to give you suggestions on how to wear and style the items. In addition to outfit suggestions, we also give you tips on accessories. We’re always ready to provide you with advice at our stores, for example, to help you find the ideal denim fit for your figure. Because Sandwich believes: If you feel good, you radiate this joy to the rest of the world. And what’s more attractive than a smile? #shareyourjoy

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